Small Group Travel with a Difference


Imagine group travel with a difference. . .The difference between being rushed from one tourist site to the next and being taken on a voyage of discovery with a group of like-minded individuals. Imagine each individual’s interests, questions and concerns being met with ease and understanding. Imagine an itinerary that begins with meticulous planning and then surpasses all expectations. Imagine a group experience so rich that each individual wants to go again…And again…And again.


Now Featuring: Fall Island Getaways

Going to an island in Europe presents a special opportunity. It is easy to go from seashore to mountains to plains and see a variety of topography; to taste the specialties, and experience the culture with minimal traveling. Islands offer a single culture within a manageable time frame that allows the traveler to have a more in depth experience of the country. The pace of life seems more relaxed. The hustle and bustle of daily life slows down and time is on your side to absorb, explore and ponder the beauty of island life. Here are our fall island trips that we are offering:

Crete, Greece

Ancient Islands: Crete

October 19th-28th, 2017

The Island of Crete has an ancient and fascinating history stretching back into the mists of time. It is said that the mighty Zeus was once enchanted by the beauty of Europa, the daughter of Agenor, king of Tyre. He took the form of a white bull and carried her on his back across the sea to Crete. Here she settled and founded the dynasty that was later named for her son, King Minos – the mysterious and enigmatic Minoan civilization that flourished here between about 1700 and 1400 BCE.

The Island of Sicily

Ancient Islands: Sicily

November 3rd-11th, 2017

Although in full view of mainland Italy, even Sicilians talk of “going to Italy,” and consider their island an extraordinary land apart. We’ll explore the surrounding countryside and visit a stunning collection of medieval towns that each vies for the title of “Most Beautiful.” With a balance of guided excursions and leisure time to explore at your own pace, you’ll have an opportunity to experience Sicily’s winding medieval streets, glittering beaches, and the rare and unique ecosystem at Mount Etna.


Thanksgiving in Mallorca

November 17th-25th, 2017

Our base is the fabulous Gran Hotel in Soller, set in the beautiful Tramontana Mountains. Soller is accessible to the capital, Palma, by a wonderful antique electric train that weaves up through the mountains and out the other side. We’ll celebrate Thanksgiving Mallorcan style with slow-roasted lamb! This year don’t spend all day in the kitchen. If you like your relatives, bring them along - if you don’t, leave them to it and join us for fun in the sun on an island paradise!