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Copenhagen, Denmark 

One stop tour:
Wonderful Copenhagen: Land of Exquisite Taste

June 14th-19th, 2018 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Open

Copenhagen, can best be described with one simple word, taste. Michelin-starred restaurants seem to dot every corner and award-winning hot dog vendors sell from the bustling sidewalks- as modern architecture is juxtaposed with historic palaces of the oldest monarchy in Europe. This place of contrasts, with waterways and canals, crayon boxes of colored buildings, in a natural harbor on the Baltic Sea, is a city where the old meets graciously with the new. Our long weekend (Let’s Unpack series), will take us by foot, by boat, and by bicycle (the way the locals do) throughout the wonderful and eclectic neighborhoods in search of “hygge,” that feeling of coziness that is enjoyed when relaxing with good friends and loved ones over delicious food. Your Scandinavian fairy tale awaits, come join us as we taste all the Copenhagen has to offer!