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A Greek Easter: Exploring the cradle of western civilization

April 17th-26th, 2020 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Open

Long ago the ancient poets wrote the first epics of war and love, families and feuds, trickery and revenge, Gods and Heroes. Here, in glorious Greece, you’ll see where theater was born, consult the oracle at Delphi, stand where Paul preached to the Corinthians, and walk under the Lion Gate at Mycenae, just as the blind poet Homer recorded it nearly 3,000 years ago. In addition to history and scenic landscape, we will experience the warmth and generosity of the Greek people at Easter time- taking in flavors of traditional roast lamb, dancing to live music in the local tavern, and hearing the wonderful stories of generations living together in this mythical and beautiful country.