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The Land of Gods and Heroes- Sponsored by Barrington Community School

May 18th-27th, 2019 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Limited Availability

Long ago, the ancient poets wrote the first epics of war and love, families and feuds, trickery and revenge, Gods and Heroes. Here, in glorious Greece, you’ll see where theater was born, consult the oracle at Delphi, stand where St. Paul preached to the Corinthians, and walk under the Lion Gate at Mycenae, just as the blind poet Homer recorded it nearly 3,000 years ago. Join Barrington Community School on an discovery of Ancient Greece. If you have more time- don’t miss the 4-day cruise extension to the Greek Isles.

*This is a guaranteed departure with limited space*


Ancient Islands: Corfu

October 10th-19th, 2019 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Open

A brand new adventure on our “Ancient Islands” series to the island of Corfu!