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Italian Lakes and Gardens.jpg

The Italian Lake District

May 10th-18th, 2019 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Open

Ringed by alpine peaks, the sparkling lakes of Garda, Maggiore, Como, and Lugano command a landscape where mountains descend to meet water and grand hotels rise up in pretty lakeside towns. Here at the convergence of Italy and Switzerland is an area graced with shocking beauty and extraordinary diversity, where each lake has its own charms and treasures to unfold against a backdrop of semi-tropical gardens, gracious old villas, and vibrant villages. Join us this September for an exploration of the Italian Lake District!

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Corsica & Sardinia

September 19th-28th, 2019 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Open

These bucolic islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy, are known for their beautiful light, medicinal plants, primeval landscape of rocks, sculpted by the wind and sea, and clear blue waters. They have, for the most part, managed to escape the influx of tourism that has plagued the Mediterranean in the past twenty years. We will visit prehistoric monuments dating from around 1,500-500 BCE; ports of historic importance such as Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon, and ride along coastal roads with spectacular views. You will experience a timelessness, as if looking back through the centuries, catching a glimpse of a simpler way of life connected to land surrounded by sea.

Under the Tuscan Sun.jpg

One Stop Trip:
Under the Tuscan Sun

September 27th-October 5th, 2019 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Open

Let’s unpack in Tuscany this fall! Come experience the sights, smells, and tastes of this fertile cultural, historical and bucolic land. We will make our base in Montecatini where we will take daytime excursions to Florence, the Cradle of the Renaissance; San Gimingnano, the “city of beautiful towers”; Pisa, famous for its leaning tower; and the Cinque Terre, five towns that are perched along a stretch of cliffs, an area of such unspoiled natural beauty that it was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1997.

Ancient Island Sicily.jpg

Ancient Islands: Sicily: An Extraordinary Land Apart

October 25th-November 2nd, 2019 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Open

Although in full view of mainland Italy, even Sicilians talk of “going to Italy,” and consider their island an extraordinary land apart. We’ll enter the life of this gorgeous and mysterious island in the capital, Palermo before moving on to Agrigento and Taormina, a lovely seaside town on the east coast of Sicily. We’ll explore the surrounding countryside and visit a stunning collection of medieval towns that each vies for the title of “Most Beautiful.” We’ll visit Agrigento, with its dramatic ancient ruins, the world-famous 4th-century mosaics at Piazza Armerina, and the magnificent site at Syracuse—all dominated by majestic Mount Etna, looming over the island landscape. With a balance of guided excursions and leisure time to explore at your own pace, you’ll have an opportunity to experience Sicily’s winding medieval streets, glittering beaches, and the rare and unique ecosystem at Mount Etna.

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Sorrento & the Amalfi Coast: Adventures around the bay of naples

November 2nd-10th, 2019 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Open

The wonders of nature, from Mount Vesuvius to the azure grotto of Capri; classical landmarks from both Greek and Roman eras; villas and gardens of delightful villages of the cliff-hung Amalfi Coast; the splendid cuisine of the region; and coastal cities suffused with art and architecture all await. Described by Charles Dickens as “one succession of delights”, this dramatic area provides sustenance for both body and soul. The Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast have long been a playground for the rich and famous, and with very good reason. The mountains tumble down into the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea providing breathtaking views around every bend in the road. The Island of Capri glistens like a jewel set in the Bay of Naples; it is small wonder that Roman emperors made this their “home away from Rome.” Scenic landscapes, ancient towns, and sculpture filled gardens on this 10-day discovery of southern Italy.