Multi-Country Tours


Wales & The Lake District

May 26th-June 8th, 2018 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Open

Castle ruins, meandering medieval streets, and magnificent Celtic heritage bring the beauty of Wales to life against a backdrop of rolling green hills and dramatic sea cliffs. Our stay takes in several literary locales, Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage and Beatrix Potter’s charming habitat, and will give you an indication why Lakeland poets (Coleridge, Southey as well) decided to make this area their home. This tour starts in Windsor and winds its way through Wales and up to the beautiful Lake District in England. Featuring castles, manor houses, high teas and botanical gardens topped off with a bit of royalty, who could go wrong?

Countries Visited: Wales and England


Across The Alps

October 1st-14th, 2018 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Open

We are excited to announce this brand new tour! Starting in the Bavarian capital of Munich, wend your way south Across the Alps to the fabulous Italian Lake District, playground of the rich and famous. On the way, we will pass through 5 countries: Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, and Italy. We arrive in Munich at the beginning of Germany’s largest Oktoberfest, so we will have a chance to join in the celebrations as we explore the city. Crossing the border, we enter the region known as the Tyrol: these are the Austrian Alps and we’ll make a stop or two as we pass through. Next come the Swiss Alps, where we’ll spend some time in Lucerne, nestled in the shadow of Mt. Pilatus, before finally leaving the mountains via Ticino, which enjoys a very mild climate. Finally we explore the Italian Lake District, tucked into the foothills of the Italian Alps, with a stay in Stresa on the shores of Lake Maggiore.

Countries Visited: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and Italy


The Romantic Road: Vienna, Salzburg, Munich & Heidelberg

October 4th-13th, 2018 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Open

Magnificent alpine settings and medieval half-timbered houses dot the romantic, winding road from Vienna to Heidelberg. This autumn we’ll journey through old-world charm and jewel-like Bavarian splendor as we explore the remarkable realm of the Hapsburgs, one of the greatest dynasties the world has ever known. From sparkling Vienna, the elegant Austrian capital, we will follow the mighty Danube, before travelling towards Salzburg, a World Heritage site and the birth place of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Ending in Heidelberg, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, we will take a leisurely cruise along the Rhine with stunning views of Heidelberg Castle and the Old Town embedded into the mountainside. Come enjoy the stunning scenery, deep history and hearty cuisine that this magical part of Germany has to offer!

Countries Visited: Germany and Austria


Mediterranean Shores

October 11th-20th, 2018 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Open

Nothing in the world conjures up more romantic and beautiful images than the Mediterranean. Azure waters, white sands, mountain villages, and year-round sunshine combine to create a mood of tranquility and contentment that is truly irresistible. Discover Europe’s veteran courier Gavin Miller has designed a tour that explores the areas in Spain and France that he particularly loves and has come to call home. We begin in Barcelona, which, as Rose Macaulay wrote four decades ago, “gives an impression of tempestuous, surging, irrepressible life and brio.” Then, we cross the Spanish/French border, stopping at the ancient walled city of Carcassonne en route, and on into Provence, a region that intoxicates with its light and landscapes. From our base in Arles we explore the grandeur of the Roman Empire. Ancient hilltop villages beckon to be explored and a day in Avignon allows us to dance sur le pont! Our final stay is in elegant Nice, jewel of the Cote d’Azur, a city whose greatest charm is itself: the avenues, squares, markets, shops, and cafes that create an unforgettable buzz of sophistication and excitement.

Countries Visited: France and Spain


Corsica & Sardinia

October 25th-November 3rd, 2018 | Maximum Group Size: 15 Participants | Availability: Open

These bucolic islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy, are known for their beautiful light, medicinal plants, primeval landscape of rocks, sculpted by the wind and sea, and clear blue waters. They have, for the most part, managed to escape the influx of tourism that has plagued the Mediterranean in the past twenty years. We will visit prehistoric monuments dating from around 1,500-500 BCE; ports of historic importance such as Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon, and ride along coastal roads with spectacular views. You will experience a timelessness, as if looking back through the centuries, catching a glimpse of a simpler way of life connected to land surrounded by sea.

Countries Visited: France and Italy