Learning the Language: How To Learn a Foreign Language Before Traveling


The question always arises of how much of a foreign language to learn before you travel to Europe. Firstly, let me say that our tour guides are fluent in the languages of the countries where they are guiding, so you never have to worry about not getting what you need due to not knowing the language. You will be covered!

That said, there may be a few phrases that will come in handy when traveling to another country: "Please"; "Thank you"; "Where is the bathroom?"; "How much does it cost?"; and "Do you speak English?", are a few that come to mind. 

With modern technology, it is very easy to learn some basic phrases in Spanish, French, Italian, or whatever language you may need. There are apps to download for free onto your iPad or iPhone or you can use your computer. They let you pick your level and will help develop your vocabulary and teach you the basic phrases you need. Some are even interactive and have recording devices that can help with your accent.

Do you want to start learning a foreign language? Here are our recommended websites/apps to use:

1) Mondy
2) Duolingo
3) Memrise

Even if you only learn one or two phrases that you use on your trip, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, feel a little bit more connected to the people who you come in contact with and have more of a sense of independence. The first time trying to speak is the hardest, and your accent may not be perfect, but people are very appreciative of your trying. It shows respect and immediately sets up a mutual connection.

So Bon Voyage, bon aventure, bon chance! May your trip be amazing!