US Based Office Staff

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Michael Induni, President

Michael Induni is the president of Discover Europe Ltd, a company that he founded in 2001. Michael (Mike or Mick, to his English friends) was seduced by the travel industry while working as a tour guide for the American Council for International Studies during his vacations from Southampton University in England. Upon receiving his degree (in Naval Architecture!), he went to work for ACIS in their headquarters in Boston on a temporary assignment for three months. Ten years later, he had risen to the post of Director of Operations, and it was time to move on. After spending another ten years as Vice President of Lord Addison Travel, a company specializing in small group tours of the British Isles, he decided to indulge his true passion – travelling in continental Europe, particularly around the Mediterranean. As he says - “drop me on a hillside surrounded by vineyards and olive groves and I’m a happy man.” If there happened to be a Greek or Roman ruin in the view, that would just be the icing on the cake.


Alex Induni, Operations Director

Alex is our Operations Director and handles flight bookings and other day-to-day tasks around the office. Having spent most of his adult life in the mountains of Colorado, any place that the temperature is below freezing and the mountain scenery is breathtaking is the place for him. He has traveled extensively while growing up with his father (Michael Induni). He learned to swim on the south coast of France, has chased falcons in England, ridden scooters in Mallorca and picked pomegranates in Greece. He dreams of exploring the Alps in Northern Italy and enjoying some real Italian food.


Kelsey Matson, Marketing Director

As the Marketing Director at Discover Europe, Kelsey spends her time creating marketing materials for both Discover Europe and Alumni/ae tours and is immersed in the passenger side of the tours, including fulfillment, processing registrations, preparing the pre-departure packets, and much  more. She also is responsible for creating content for Facebook, writing and sending out email newsletters, and maintaining the website.


Sarah Franklin, Staff Writer

Sarah has been involved with Discover Europe Ltd. for 16 years in one aspect or another. Her latest job title is that of Staff Writer in which she is responsible for blogs, newsletter material and general updates to written materials. She shares her time with her other job as a Choreographer and Dance Teacher in which she teaches a variety of classes at MoCo Arts in Keene, NH; Vermont Academy and various other local arts education programs. 

Tour Guides


Adrian Metcalfe

Adrian leads many of our English tours, and leads trips in other destination such as Sicily and Greece. Aside from being a tour guide, Adrian works as an actor and got his start with Wales Actors' Co. touring castles and ancient sites around Wales with Henry V. He lived in Vienna for several months whilst working for Vienna's English Theatre and the Kammerspielhaus; and then moved to New York where he worked for CBS's Community Concerts. 


Anna Spencer

Anna has been leading tours with Discover Europe for many years, including one of our most popular tours, the Best of English Gardens.  She began as a tour guide while studying languages at the University of Sussex and continued throughout her twenties while living in Europe and the USA. She worked in Boston helping to set up ACIS and overseeing operations in Europe.  Marriage and children led to teaching at a grammar school, although still taking tours in the school holidays.  Now children are grown she has returned to her favourite job, leading tours in England and Europe.  She speaks five languages.


Chrissy Hoodith

Careers in teaching, tourism and the theatre, together with a lively sense of fun, have helped equip me for the delights and challenges of guiding throughout the UK. I enjoy walking, literature and food and love to combine these enthusiasms in my tours for visitors. I'm especially interested in introducing London to family groups, and love to help people explore East End of London, where I live. I also offer tours with the following themes: Gardens, Maritime History, Literary London.

I’ve been involved with Mike and Discover Europe since its very beginnings, and it’s been a pleasure to watch the company grow and to get to know some of the regular travelers. Long may it continue!


David Phillips


David Usher

David Usher first came to the UK in 1976 as a young Australian with a backpack after a year of travel in New Zealand, various Pacific Islands and North America. He became a student at The University of Oxford, graduating in 1981 with a degree in Philosophy and Theology.  He has been a Unitarian Universalist minister ever since, with ministries in both England and the United States.  He was President of The International Council of Unitarians & Universalists, and is the author of two books.  He has lived in California since 2014, retired in 2017, and has been leading occasional tours for the past twenty five years.  Having lived in both the UK and USA for the past forty years, he is singularly well placed to be a translator between the two cultures.


Fiona Bennett


Gavin Miller

Gavin has been with Discover Europe since the very beginning. Gavin leads tours all over Europe including the UK, Portugal, Spain, and France. He helps us design tours such as Discovering East Anglia (where he grew up) and our tours to Mallorca (where he now calls home).  


Ian Graham


Linda L'Etoile

Linda is one of our newer tour guides at Discover Europe. She leads tours to Iceland and has been a great addition to our Iceland tour guide line up!


Matthias Kort

Matthias has been a Berlin City Guide since 2010 and specializes in GDR History, East Berlin times (he lived in GDR and Berlin for 28 years, till the Fall of the Wall in 1989). Matthias is married to Sara Cereda Kort, our fellow Discover Europe tour guide. Matthias guides all of our Germany and Austria tours.

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Michael Gordon

Michael is an optometrist by profession and lives in Peterborough, NH. He has designed and maintained public gardens in Peterborough for nearly two decades. Michael has hosted our Best of English Gardens tour, and designed The Passionate Gardener tour. He also runs a garden blog called the Gardener's Eye where he chronicles his gardening adventures.


Sara Cereda

Sara studied journalism and public relations at the Superior School of Journalism of Turin. She has worked in the Tourism Business for over 20 years. She is married to fellow tour guide Matthias Kort. She leads tours in Italy for Discover Europe and is passionate about cooking and gourmet food, organizing catering events, and using food and wine as a mean of creativity and communication.


Svanur Thorkelsson

Svanur is one of our Iceland tour guides. He leads the large majority of our alumni/ae, private and small group Iceland tours. He was an extra on the Game of Thrones when they were filming in Iceland, and because of this has helped us create special extensions and tours designed around the Game of Thrones filming locations.